Join us for a fun and informative webinar where we take steps to live more sustainably, feed ourselves, have fun and help our planet. Milkwood Permaculture will introduce us to the incredible kingdom of fungi and how we can grow these amazing organisms at home and minimize our environmental footprint. Mushrooms have more in common with humans than plants. Nick Ritar, co-founder of Milkwood, will also discuss Milkwood’s many free online resources and courses including their upcoming Home Mushroom Cultivation and Permaculture Living. Farmwall will introduce us to their Ecosystem Indoor Farm. A beautiful table-top, zero-waste micro-farm which combines a fish tank with hydro and acquaponics to produce fresh greens and microgreens at home. An online community of like-minded people connect and learn how to grow nutritious greens together.


Nick Ritar, Milkwood Permaculture, Tasmania

Nick founded Milkwood with Kirsten Bradley in 2007. He has trained with various world-leading mycologists such as Paul Stamets and has taught 1000+ students hands-on gourmet mushroom cultivation. With a team of educators and facilitators they teach everything from permaculture design to market gardening, natural building and mushroom cultivation, to help create resilient and abundant household. Milkwood Permaculture are dedicated to teaching and sharing permaculture skills, for living like it matters.

Geert Hendrix, Farmwall, Victoria and Luke Barbuto, Farmwall, NSW

Geert Hendrix, is one of the founders of Farmwall. Luke Barbuto is an urban farmer and educator at Farmwall. Farmwall exists to educate people about small-scale, closed-loop food systems and design our cities with food and nature in mind. Farmwall is an innovative social enterprise using agri-food and education technology for the purpose of growing food in the city for the benefit of our planet and community.


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