Member advice

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Please note that advice services are currently paused.

Renew’s free member advice service for Renew Full, Champion and Business members typically consists of queries answered in a 10-15 minute phone conversation or by email.

Our member advice provides general information applicable to your situation, not detailed advice. For more detailed advice, you may consider a one-hour consultation with one of Renew’s experts.

Topics that can be covered include:

  • Solar and solar/battery systems for houses (grid-connected or off-grid)
  • Heating, cooling, hot water, and cooking appliances or systems
  • Rebates for solar, batteries, major appliances
  • Finding installers or comparing quotes for solar, batteries, major appliances
  • Insulation (ceiling, wall, floor) and draughtproofing
  • Windows – glazing, secondary glazing, shading, etc.
  • Lighting
  • Appliance choice generally (energy star ratings, how to choose the best appliance)
  • Standby energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency issues generally
  • Understanding energy tariffs and how to choose an energy supplier
  • Fuel choice: gas vs electricity

Topics that can not be covered include:

  • Geothermal heating, or water or sewerage appliances or issues
  • Brand/model/supplier recommendations for windows, equipment, or appliances – we aren’t a buying service
  • Specialist PassivHaus advice or house design advice

You can request member advice by contacting using using our online enquiry form, selecting the option for ‘Complimentary 15-minute expert advice session (full members only)’ as your enquiry type or phone (03) 9639 1500. Our phones are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am to 4pm.

Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of enquiries for advice at this time.

There is currently a three week wait for our complimentary 15-minute expert advice.