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Need assistance with solar, batteries or making your home cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and a lighter footprint on the planet?

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Practical advice tailored for you

Renew has nearly 40 years’ experience of providing independent advice and analysis on sustainable technologies and practices to households, governments and businesses.

Renew’s independent experts can help you understand your choices and find solutions that are right for your individual circumstance with specialised information in areas such as:

• heating and cooling solutions  • efficient hot water  • energy efficiency  • water conservation  • solar power and batteries  • lighting options  • greywater and rainwater  • building or renovating for sustainability

Renew also organises sustainability events across Australia where you can receive inspiration and advice, including sustainability talks and branch info sessions, the annual Sustainable House Day and our Speed Date a Sustainability Expert events, conducted in conjunction with local councils.

Lean more about Renew’s advice services and events.

Renew Member Advice

Free 10-15 minute phone or email advice for Renew members covering a range of sustainability topics.

Energy Consultation

1 hour consultation tailored to your specific needs to help you make the right choices for your home or business. Discounts for Renew members.

Free Solar and Battery Advice

Free online advice on the optimal solar and/or battery system sizing for your home and expected payback times.

Speed Date a Sustainability Expert

Get advice and tips from Australia’s leading green architects and experts on energy efficient products, solar, batteries, low-water and edible gardens and more at Speed Date a Sustainable Expert.

Sustainable House Day

Sustainable House Day is an annual event across Australia where you can visit sustainable homes near you and learn from those who have already taken steps to make their homes more comfortable to live in, cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Renew Branches

Our community of change includes branches across the country sharing knowledge on sustainable living through activities like sustainable house tours, informative seminars and workshops and at local fairs and events.

How can we help?