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Driving policy change to benefit all Australians and the planet

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Renew has been undertaking research and providing advice to Australians wanting to live more sustainably for 40 years. But ensuring everyone has access to the benefits of a sustainable home and clean energy will take government commitment to policies that drive change for the better.

That’s why we use our technical and policy expertise to advocate on behalf of consumers in the energy, built environment, water and transport markets. Working with a diverse range of community and industry partners, we advocate for policies that promote renewable energy and cut emissions, make our homes healthier, more affordable and climate resilient, and protect consumer rights in our rapidly changing energy markets.

Climate Resilient Homes

Climate Resilient Homes

Making our homes more energy and water efficient will save money on energy bills, cut greenhouse emissions, create jobs and reduce the health risks of living in homes that are too hot, cold or damp.

But despite the benefits, Australia’s building efficiency standards and the performance of our homes lag behind other major economies.

Since late 2018 we’ve been leading a coalition of community and consumer groups calling for a comprehensive national strategy to improve the energy and water performance of all Australian homes – new and existing

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Consumer-focused energy markets

Consumer-focused energy markets

In the National Electricity Market, Renew is a formally recognised Consumer Advocacy organisation, and has been active and effective in energy market policy and regulatory issues over the past fifteen years. As part of our ongoing consumer advocacy work, Renew is a participant member of the National Consumer Roundtable on Energy.

Working in collaboration with other consumer advocates, Renew has played a key role in improving outcomes for Australian households.

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Energy systems transition

Energy systems transition

Renew advocates cleaning up our energy systems via a transition to renewable energy such as wind turbines and solar panels, supported by energy storage and new transmission.

Challenges are significant because as the switch occurs we must ensure that energy supplies remain reliable and affordable. As governments and industry grapple with this task, Renew delivers them clear messages on behalf of consumers. We call for integrated, long-term planning that fully recognises the impacts of energy systems and enables a realistic, swift transition.

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The Victorian SEC is relaunched as Renew presents at All-Energy Expo in Melbourne

The Victorian SEC is relaunched as Renew presents at All-Energy Expo in Melbourne

In late October Renew presented at the annual All-Energy conference and expo in Melbourne put on by the Clean Energy Council which attracted more than 10,000+ renewable energy industry professionals from across the country and overseas - the largest attendance on record.

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Renew undertakes research and policy analysis to inform our advocacy on behalf of consumers in the energy, water and transport markets.
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